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Useful links

  1. The Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands http://ambru.nl/
  2. Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands http://www.rustrade.nl/ru/  http://nld.ved.gov.ru/?change_lng=Y
  3. The Netherlands Embassy in Russia (Moscow) http://rusland.nlambassade.org/organization
  4. The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg http://stpetersburg.nlconsulaat.org/locaties/consulaat-generaal-in-st.-petersburg.html
  5. The Netherlands Institute in St. Petersburg http://www.nispb.ru/
  6. Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands http://netherlands.mfa.gov.ua/ua
  7. Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Netherlands http://netherlands.mfa.gov.by/ru/
  8. Moldovan Embassy in the Netherlands http://www.olanda.mfa.md/
  9. Lithuanian Embassy in the Netherlands http://nl.mfa.lt/nl/en/
  10. Latvian Embassy in the Netherlands http://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/netherlands
  11. Estonian Embassy in the Netherlands http://www.estemb.nl/nl
  12. A non-profit organization for students wishing to study in the Netherlands, as well as graduates of the Netherlands universities http://nanr.ru/
  13. A non-profit organization, providing informational assistance for students wishing to study in the Netherlands and international experts for verification the diplomas of higher education. https://www.epnuffic.nl/en
  14. Tax authority http://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/nl/home/home
  15. Customs http://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/nl/douane/douane
  16. Social Insurance Bank http://svb.nl/int/nl/index.jsp
  17. Benefits and payments http://www.uwv.nl/particulieren/index.aspx
  18. Immigration and Naturalization Service https://ind.nl
  19. Court of North-Holland Province (Noord-Holland) https://www.rechtspraak.nl/Organisatie-en-contact/Organisatie/Rechtbanken/Rechtbank-Noord-Holland
  20. Portal of public services https://digid.nl/inloggen
  21. State website of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (everything about everything) https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/
  22. "Russian table" - informal meetings for the Russian fans in the Netherlands http://ruslandtafel.nl/ru/index.html
  23. Russian Orthodox Church in the Netherlands http://www.orthodox.nl   http://www.ruskerk.nl/ru/index.php?Itemid=1

Russian mini-markets

  1. USSR Amsterdam / Mini Mix http://www.cccpamsterdam.nl
  2. Priwet Rossia (Amsterdam) http://www.priwetrossia.nl/
  3. Blin (Amsterdam) http://www.blin.nl
  4. Nika Ru (Rotterdam) http://www.nikaru.nl/shop/
  5. Bogatyr (Rotterdam) http://www.bogatir.nl
  6. Vyatka Russische specialiteiten (Groningen) http://www.russischewinkel.nl
  7. Slavic Bazaar (The Hague) http://www.slavyankamarket.com/
  8. Czar (The Hague) http://www.czarsshop.nl
  9. Russian Telega (Beverwijk) http://telega.ucoz.es/shop
  10. Klein Rusland (Amersfoort) http://www.kleinrusland.nl
  11. Slavjanski Dvor (Utrecht) http://www.slavjanskidvor.nl

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