We provide a wide range of services on all the main and most popular directions, taking into account all the details. For convenience, we distinguished the services we provide by the spheres: business advices, legal advices, financial advices, notary services, all kinds of transfers, immigration and visa consultations, real estate and, of course, tourism which includes also a transfer service.

Service is our advantage over other companies. What does it mean for us? First of all, it is a quality work, which is called " for the result", an individual approach to each client, and cooperation only with the professionals. Every specialist in our company is the guru of his work. We declare with the full responsibility that you can get any consultations in Russian, English or Dutch. And we don’t charge extra money for the translation.

Furthermore, we are not limited by distance and provide service not only within the territory of the Netherlands, but also anywhere in the world by Internet!

We for business

Work with the legal entities is one of the most demanded our directions. We perfom all the procedures for our clients: registration and liquidation of the companies of any legal form, add the information or changes in the Trade Register, accounting and tax reporting, consulting and market analysis. Moreover, we can provide service based on individual request of a client. For instance, we can organise and perfom your projects in Benelux. Or, for example, we can be authorised representatives of your company and protect the interests of your firm.

Specially for our business clients, we have developed a variety of business packages, with which you will get personalized service on a permanent basis, according to your needs. Besides, it considerably saves your money.

You can read more about the packages and prices on the page: prices.

We for expats/immigrants

Goal of N&K Profit is providing the information and legal support on all issues related to the life in the Netherlands for immigrants and expats.

What does the information help include? Providing the legal and administrative support, including the filling out and submission of all kind of documents to the different agencies and authorities. We also provide the service in translations and interpretation, as well as the assictance in communtication with the public institutions and organisations. Moreover, we consult and give professional advices about consumation. What and where to buy better? How to do it in order not to miscalculate? We even can recommend the places where you can taste the best beer of the country, and to tell which place and cities are the best to visit.

By providing the legal support and information for those who just came to the Netherlands, we help people to adapt and to use the new life experience and knowledge in this country.

The biggest amount of questions is about the taxation and reporting. On the second place are the questions about the immigration. Among other popular requests are assistance in getting documents and legal support. Also there are a lot of administrative and notarial questions, translations and the issues related to the social benefits, subsidies, administration and other legal assistance.

Coming to another country, even the most frequently moved and prepared person faces questions and issues. Very often it is difficult to find the answers without external help. Of course, it is difficult to adapt to the country without knowing the language or  administative and legal systems.

Thus, if you have just arrived to the Netherlands, we are happy to help you to integrate and feel like at home.

We for students

Every year thousands of students come to the Netherlands to get high education, exchange the experience with the foreign colleagues or for training their current profession.

In order to come to study in the Netherlands, it is needed to pass several necessary procedures, consisting of: choosing the appropriate educational institution, filing the registration form for admission, writing a motivation letter to the selected university. and of course, collecting documents for obtaining a student visa for a legal stay in the Netherlands.

But what happens then, upon arrivingto the country for studying? "Then" is  an adult life in a new land! A student should already be sufficiently organized and be able to solve the problems. And the most important is to know where and how to solve them.

N&K Profit is happy to help you with everything!

We help in finding the appropriate housing and  temporary job in the Netherlands. Of course, we also provide legal support and assistance in dealing with administrative issues. By contacting us, you will realize for yourself how competent we are inquestions relating to training and residence in this country. Well, of course, you can ask us for a service "all in one", which includes help in choosing a university, the successful admission, preparation and submission of documents for obtaining a student visa. As a bonus, we will meet you in the airport and bring to the place of your stay. 

More about us and our services you can find out by contacting us by phone or skype.

We for tourists

Do you need a quality guide services in Russian or English languages? Then you are at the right site! Nobody can meet you when you arrive? We are here for you!

We do not offer tourism in a regular way. Tours and guides we show you absolutely new things. Even if you have been in this country thousands of times, you will be plesantly surprised. Desires, wishes and needs of each client are endless, as, indeed, and our tourist offers. Our specialization is first of all a local tourism – the tours in the Netherlands. Do you like a high-quality and productive shopping, or you are more interested in "delicious" tours? Or maybe you love nature and history of the cities? Then you are in any case at the right place now! Tours in the Benelux countries are also included in the list of our services. For the most worldy-wise tourists we offer to know the unknown and fall in love with new and colorful. Tours to the Eastern Europe and the Caucasus - this is precisely the highlight for foreign tourists, who have seen a lot.

Each tour is beinf made individually, taking into account all the client's preferences.

We are happy to meet you in our office for a cup of tea and to tell you more about the best travellings.

List of our services:

Legal advice and services

Each field has its own nuances and specificities, we specialize in various legal areas, such as:

  • Immigration law
  • Civil law
  • Administrative law 
  • Criminal law
  • Pension law
  • Employment (labour) law 
  • Insurance law
  • Lending right
  • Housing law

Notary Services

  • Creation and notarization of legal documents
  • Notarization of the documents copies
  • Registration of the companies (the deed of incorporation)
  • Amendments in the articles of association of the company
  • Drawing up of power of attorney
  • Registration of marriage and partnership contracts
  • Drawing up of will
  • Drawing up of decedent's estate
  • Drawing up of a contract of purchse and sale / donation,  etc.

Legalization and apostille 

We perform services on the consular legalization of the documents and on the stamp Apostille.

Documents for which the legalization is possible:

  • Notarized documents
  • Notarized copies of documents
  • Certified translations of documents
  • Notarized copy of the passport
  • Notarized copy of a driver's license
  • The compaines foundation documents (Articles of assosiation, extracts from the trade register, certificates of tax registration)
  • Education documents (diplomas, certificates, references)
  • Acts of civil status (birth / death / marriage / divorce)
  • Municipal extracts
  • Work record cards,
  • Judicial decisions, etc.


We provide written and oral translations.

  • From Russian into Dutch
  • From Russian into English
  • From Ukrainian into Dutch
  • From Ukrainian into English
  • From Belarusian into Dutch
  • From Belarusian into English
  • From Dutch into Russian
  • From Dutch into Ukrainian
  • From Dutch into Belarusian
  • From English into Russian
  • Fron English into Ukrainian
  • From English into Belarusian
  • Notarized translations: Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English, Dutch

Visa support and permanent residence

  • Tourist visa
  • Business Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Student visa
  • Entry visa MVV
  • Preparation of documents for residence permit
  • Invitation for visa
  • Drafting of recommendations for a student or work visa

Business services

  • Registration of the legal entity
  • Liquidation of the legal entity
  • Opening a bank account
  • Provision of a  legal address
  • Recruitment
  • Accounting services
  • Drafting of contracts and agreements of various types
  • Provision of services according the individual agreement with the company
  • Foreign Trade (import /export)
  • Customs clearance

Financial and fiscal services

  • Accounting
  • Submission of tax declarations
  • Financial / tax planning
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of business plans

Tourist services

All tourist services are provided according to the individual client's preferences

  • Individual / group / corporate tours in Benelux
  • Individual / group / corporate tours in Russia / Ukraine / Belarus / Georgia / Armenia and other countries in Eastern Europe
  • Shoppingtours in the Netherlands
  • Service of a shopping guide
  • Service of a guide in Russian language
  • Service of a guide in English language
  • Service of an interpreters
  • Meeting at the airport

Transportation services

  • Economy class car
  • Premium class car
  • VIP class car
  • Group transfer

Real estate

  • Assistance in finding of a realty to rent
  • Assistance in acquisition of a real estate
  • Assistance in sale of a real estate
  • Assistance in renting of a property
  • Consultations on mortgages obtaining


  • Legal advices (insurance, social housing, criminal law, administrative law, labor law, civil law, pension rights, the right of lending)
  • Consultations on obtaining a visa to the Netherlands
  • Consultations on obtaining a visa to  the CIS countries
  • Consultations on obtaining a foreign visa (with the exception of the Netherlands and the CIS countries)
  • Consultations on the immigration to the Netherlands
  • Consultations on business immigration
  • Tax advices
  • Consultations on business registration in the Netherlands
  • Financial advices
  • Consultations on obtaining a mortgage on the property, as well as buying and selling / renting  property
  • Consultations on obtaining / exchanging a driver's license
  • Consultations on saling a car
  • Consultation on import / export of a car

Assistance in documents preparation

  • Application for the pension
  • Application for different social benefits
  • Application for the health insurance
  • Application for tax return for the health insurance
  • Application for tax return for pre-school educational institution
  • Application for tax return for the lease of property
  • Application and formulation of the queue for the social housing
  • Application for a vehicle registration
  • Application for opening a bank account
  • Application for a getting the travel document OV-chipkaart

About us

Our strategy is based on trust and mutual respect. You can always call or email us and get an answer to your question. We are confident that good relations and timely responses to issues help avoid problems and conflicts. We take a responsible approach to the tasks and always follow your progress and status update even after we’ve completed our task.We solve your problems while you are busy developing your project or company.

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