Export and Investment Hub N&K Profit

Export and Investment Hub N&K Profit is a ready-made infrastructure solution for Russian exporting companies expanding their business in the EU / globally through the Netherlands, as well as reinvesting in the development of export-oriented industries in Russia and CIS countries. We assist European companies-residents of the Hub in Russian/CIS market entry.

Export and Investment Hub Industries:

  • IT (currently there are 2 residents out of 5 in the Hub).
  • Construction/real estate / technoparks for placement of production facilities or investment objects (currently there is 1 resident out of 5 in the Hub).
  • Food (currently in the Hub 1 resident out of 5).
  • Machinery and equipment (currently there is 1 resident out of 5 in the Hub).

How to become a resident:

  • Express audit of the company's business (interviewing of the company's management).
  • Determination of the need to be a resident of the Export and Investment Hub to achieve this goal.
  • Defining the goals of the resident company and combining them with the capabilities of the Hub.
  • Discussion of terms of cooperation (cost, terms, scope of work, experts involved in the areas and countries).
  • Signing a contract with a resident company.

Export support:

  • Opening a company in the Netherlands for regional / global expansion.
  • Assistance in international expansion of Export and Investment Hub residents (IT, non-resource exports from Russia/CIS).
  • Participation in the development of business processes and operational activities of the export department.
  • Creation of a database of potential customers/partners (regional and global markets), digital promotion of Hub residents in target markets.

Support of investment projects:

  • Attraction of federal and regional support measures (in Russia and the EU – for residents of the Netherlands and Russia).
  • Attraction of russian and foreign investments / crediting (projects in the territory of the Russian Federation).
  • Assessment of investment attractiveness of industries, niches, projects.
  • Project packaging (investment proposal, business plan, financial model) and support for obtaining loan/investment funds.
  • Assistance in the selection of land/special places for the organization of production (Netherlands, Russia).
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